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Welcome to Bradenton Fencing

Reliable Fencing Service Provider in Manatee County

Welcome to our website for Bradenton Fencing! We're excited to provide top-notch fencing services for residential and commercial projects. Learn about the types of fences we install, the importance of quality fencing, and the fencing laws in Bradenton. We'll also discuss financing options and our service areas. Get in touch with our fencing team today and let us help you with your project!

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Vinyl Fence

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Aluminum Fence

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Wood Fence

Get that warm, classic curb appeal

Chain link fence

Chain Link Fence

Structurally sound and budget-friendly

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Metal Fence & Railing

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Pool Fence

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What Our Customers Are Saying


I cannot recommend Bradenton Fencing enough! They recently installed a beautiful wooden fence in my backyard and it completely transformed the space. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and I can tell they truly care about customer satisfaction. The entire process was smooth from start to finish, and the team was so friendly and professional. If you're looking for a reliable and skilled fencing company, Bradenton Fencing is the way to go!

Carl Both



Bradenton Fencing is absolutely fantastic! I hired them to install a privacy fence around my property, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. The team was punctual, efficient, and extremely professional. They paid great attention to detail, ensuring that every post and panel was perfectly aligned. The quality of their materials is superb, and I can already see the durability of the fence. I highly recommend Bradenton Fencing for all your fencing needs!

Ryan Curl



I just had to share my experience with Bradenton Fencing because they truly deserve all the praise! When I reached out to them for a quote, I was impressed by how quickly they responded and how attentive they were to my requirements. Throughout the installation process, their team exhibited incredible skill and precision. The end result is a stunning fence that not only adds security but also enhances the overall aesthetics of my home. Bradenton Fencing is a true gem in the industry!

Emily Andrew


Why Choose Bradenton Fencing For Your Next Project

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Understanding Our Fencing Services

We're here to help you understand our fencing services and what they can do for you. Our experienced team of fence builders, fence installers, and fence repair experts are here to provide you with quality options for your fencing needs. We offer aluminum fence, chain link fence, and vinyl fence installation services for residential and commercial properties. Our fence companies near me provide reliable fence installation and repair services with a focus on customer satisfaction. We are proud to be one of the most reputable fence contractors in the area.

Our professional team of fence installation company experts will work closely with you to ensure that your fence is installed correctly and securely. We understand that each property is unique and requires specific fencing solutions. Our team is committed to offering you the best possible fencing solution for your needs. We also provide fence repair services to make sure that your fence is always in optimal condition.

At Bradenton Fencing, we strive to offer the best possible fencing services for all of our customers. We are committed to providing quality customer service and ensuring that all of our customers are satisfied with their fencing solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our fencing services and how we can help you with your fencing needs.

Residential Fencing Expertise

With over 25 years of experience in residential fencing, we've got the expertise to provide quality fence installation and repair services that meet your needs. We are the best fence company near me and our professional fence builders, contractors, and installation experts specialize in pool fence, vinyl fence, and more. Our local fencing companies near me can handle any fencing job, from a home fence installation to fence repair. Whether you're looking for fencing contractors near me to install a new fence or fence repair near me for an existing one, you can count on us. We strive to be the top home fence company in the local area, offering top-notch service and unbeatable quality. We understand that when it comes to fence installation near me, you have a lot of options. That's why we make sure to provide superior customer service and expert craftsmanship with each and every job. Let us show you why we're the best fence contractors near me and why we're the local favorite for all your fencing needs.

Commercial Fencing Solutions

Our experienced team of professionals is well-versed in the installation of metal, vinyl, wood and other types of fencing for commercial applications. We understand the importance of safety and security for companies of all sizes, and that's why our fence companies in Tampa are dedicated to providing the highest quality fencing products and services.

From vinyl privacy fence and white fence panels to vinyl fence gate and wood fence, we have the perfect solution for any business in the area. We also offer a variety of fencing near me options that are designed to provide maximum security and privacy for businesses. Our team of experts can help you determine the right type of fencing for your property and provide expert installation services.

Chain Link Fence

We understand that businesses have unique needs and we are committed to delivering the best possible fencing products and services to meet those needs. Our team is dedicated to providing quality service and customer satisfaction, and our goal is to help businesses in the Bradenton area get the best fencing solutions for their needs. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial fencing solutions and to get a free estimate.

Types of Fences We Install

We provide installation services for a variety of fences, from metal and vinyl to wood and white fence panels. Our experienced team can help you choose the right materials for your fencing needs and install it quickly and efficiently. We can install all types of fences, including chain link, privacy, picket, and aluminum. chain-link-fence are strong and durable, making them an ideal choice for businesses and industrial properties. Privacy fences are great for residential homes, as they provide a secure and private space. Picket fences are a classic style for any home and are perfect for creating a unique look. Aluminum fencing is a great option for those looking for a low-maintenance option.

No matter what type of fence you are looking for, our team can help you find the perfect solution. We take pride in our work and strive to deliver excellent results. We also provide a wide range of customization options, so you can create a unique look that fits your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a simple fence for your backyard, or a more complex fence for your business, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get started on your fencing project.

Metal  Fencing

Importance of Quality Fencing

Building on our commitment to provide a variety of fencing options, we understand the importance of quality and craftsmanship for any fencing project. Quality fencing makes your property look better, lasts longer, and increases its value. At Bradenton Fencing, we use only the highest quality materials, ensuring that your fence will withstand the test of time and stay looking great. We also take pride in our attention to detail and craftsmanship, as we recognize how important it is to have an aesthetically pleasing fence to complete your outdoor space.

Having a quality fence also helps protect your family and property from intruders or unwanted visitors. We have a wide range of fencing options, from chain link to wood or vinyl, to ensure that you have the security you need while also maintaining the look and feel you want. Our team of professionals is here to help you select the best possible fence for your needs.

At Bradenton Fencing, we believe that quality fencing is an important part of any home or business. We are committed to providing you with the best quality fencing options, so you can have peace of mind that your fence will last for years to come. Invest in quality fencing for your property today and enjoy the benefits for years to come!

The Bradenton Fencing Process

Carrying on from our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, we're here to walk you through the entire Bradenton Fencing process. From the initial consultation all the way to installation, our experienced team of professionals prides itself on making sure every job is completed to the highest standards. We'll work with you to determine the best fencing solution for your needs, whether it's for privacy, security, or aesthetic appeal.

Once you've chosen a style and material, our team will provide you with a detailed written quote and plan, including timelines and cost breakdowns. We'll also make sure to answer any questions you may have about the project and discuss any possible changes or modifications you might want.

Our highly experienced team of installers will then come to your property, taking all necessary safety precautions, and get to work. From the smallest residential fence to the largest commercial project, we guarantee that each installation will be done to the highest standards, with attention to detail and no cutting corners.

Once the job is complete, we'll make sure that all debris is cleared and that the area is left neat and tidy. We understand that the entire process can be intimidating, so we're here to make sure that you have a pleasant and stress-free experience from start to finish. That's the Bradenton Fencing promise.

Custom Fencing Options

At Bradenton Fencing, we offer a variety of custom fencing options to suit your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a classic picket fence for your front yard or a custom-built privacy fence for your backyard, we have the perfect solution for you. Our experienced team of contractors are knowledgeable in all types of fencing materials, and can provide you with a wide assortment of options.

We understand that every property is unique, and we strive to create a customized solution that meets your individual needs. We use the highest-grade materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure that your custom fence will stand the test of time. Our team is also available to discuss any additional features you may want to add, such as electric gates or decorative post caps.

We take great pride in our customer service, and we are committed to providing you with a hassle-free installation experience. We will work with you to ensure that your fence is properly installed and that it meets all local building codes. For those who prefer to install their own fences, we also offer a full line of DIY fence kits.

At Bradenton Fencing, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best in custom fencing solutions. Our experienced team is here to help you create a unique fence that meets your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our custom fencing options.

Our Commitment to Timely Project Completion

We're also dedicated to completing our projects in a timely manner, ensuring that your fencing needs are met without any unnecessary delays. Our commitment to project deadlines is unwavering. We understand the importance of your time and strive to offer scheduling flexibility that suits your needs. We've honed our time management skills to ensure efficiency and speed without compromising on quality.

Client communication is at the heart of our operations. We believe in keeping you informed every step of the way. From the initial planning stages, through to the final touches, we'll keep you updated on our progress. We'll also consult with you if any unforeseen delays occur. We know that problems can arise which may affect the completion date. Instead of leaving you in the dark, we prefer to discuss the situation openly and develop a solution together.

We're here to build fences, but we're also here to build trust. We want you to feel confident that when you entrust us with your project, we'll handle it with professionalism, respect for your time, and a deep commitment to meeting your deadlines.

Fencing Material Selection

We're here to help you find the perfect fencing material for your needs. At Bradenton Fencing, we offer a variety of materials to choose from. All our fencing materials are of the highest quality, so you can feel confident that you're making the right decision. Our selection includes both natural and synthetic materials. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and wrought iron add a classic look and feel to your property. Synthetic materials such as vinyl and aluminum provide a low-maintenance option that won't rust over time.

No matter what material you choose for your fencing project, Bradenton Fencing is here to help. Our experienced team can guide you in selecting the right material for your needs, and provide you with helpful advice on installation and maintenance. We understand that selecting the right material for your fencing project can be a daunting task, but with our help, you can rest assured that you'll be making the right decision.

At Bradenton Fencing, we're committed to providing our customers with the best fencing materials and services available. With our many years of experience, you can trust that we'll provide you with the best fencing materials for your needs. Contact us today, and let us help you find the perfect fencing material for your project.

white Vinyl

Meet Our Professional Team

Get to know the professionals behind Bradenton Fencing and trust that you're in good hands! Our team has years of experience in the fencing industry and are passionate about providing quality service to each and every customer. Our staff includes experienced architects, builders, and engineers who are dedicated to creating a custom solution that meets your needs.

We also have a team of highly qualified installers who are capable of delivering the highest quality installation. Our installers are trained to work efficiently and safely, ensuring that your fence is installed correctly and securely. We use only the best materials and techniques to ensure the longevity of your fence.

Our team prides itself on providing excellent customer service. We make sure that each customer is given the attention and respect they deserve, and that all of their questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the work we do.

At Bradenton Fencing, we strive to provide the best possible experience for all of our customers. Our team works hard to ensure that each and every customer is provided with the highest quality products and services. With our experienced professionals, you can rest assured that your project will be a success.

Safety Measures in Fencing

At Bradenton Fencing, we take safety seriously and are committed to providing the safest fencing solutions for our customers. We understand that fencing can pose risks, and it's important that we take the necessary steps to reduce these risks as much as possible. We use only the highest quality materials, and we make sure that all of our fences are installed correctly.

Our team is highly experienced and qualified in the installation of fencing, so you can be sure that your fence will be installed correctly and safely. We also provide ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure that your fence remains in good condition. We use the best possible safety measures when installing and maintaining fences, and we make sure that our customers are aware of the potential safety hazards associated with fencing.

We also provide customers with helpful advice and guidance on how to use their fences safely. We provide detailed instruction manuals to customers that explain how to use the fence correctly and how to identify any potential safety hazards. Additionally, we are always available to answer any questions that our customers may have about fencing safety.

At Bradenton Fencing, safety is our number one priority. We are committed to ensuring that all of our customers have the safest fencing solutions possible. We strive to provide the best possible service to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their fencing experience.

Enhancing Property Value Through Fencing

By installing high-quality fencing, we can help to enhance the value of your property. A well-made fence can be a great addition to any home, adding value both aesthetically and functionally. Not only does a secure fence provide security and privacy, it also adds to the curb appeal of a home. Fences can be used to define the boundaries of a property, making it easier to delineate your land and separate it from your neighbour's.

There are a wide variety of fencing materials available, from traditional wood to modern composite materials, so there's something to suit every budget and style. We can help you choose the perfect fence to match your home's architecture and landscaping. We also take pride in our craftsmanship, making sure the fence is constructed properly and securely.

Fences can also be an excellent way to keep pets and children safe. If you're looking to keep your pets in, or keep neighbourhood animals out, we can provide the perfect solution. We also offer a range of child-friendly fencing options, including picket fences and pool fences.

At Bradenton Fencing, we understand the importance of having a fence that is both beautiful and secure. We will work with you to choose the perfect fence for your property, ensuring that it meets all safety and security standards, while also adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Contact us today to find out more about how we can enhance the value of your property.

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